How to Outsource on and Choose the Right Subcontractor


Outsourcing, some of you do it, some of you would never do it, and some of you want to do it, but have no idea how.

In this short blog post, I'll talk briefly about how I use outsourcing for SEO, Content Creation, and various other projects that I don't have the time to do myself.

Outsourcing is the simple process of subcontracting out the work that you either don't have the time to do, or the technical knowledge to do it yourself. A perfect example for a good use of outsourcing is when you want to create a website that is beyond your skill level and you don't want to waste or invest the time needed to do the project right yourself.

When some people hear the word outsourcing they immediately jump to various conclusions, but the simple fact is that we through the power of the internet, have the ability to collaborate with people across the world that we have never met before.Today this task is not only for the people in the know, but for the average Joe or Jane who need to get some type of technical work done, that they rather pay someone else to do.

I have been personally outsourcing tedious tasks since 2010, to grow my internet based businesses. During those two years, I have made some really good decisions in picking subcontractors or otherwise called freelancers, and I have also picked some doozies. Since I already made the painful mistakes for you, you can just sit back and learn how to outsource your projects, without losing money like I did along the way.

There are two  main outsourcing websites that I use. One is and the other is Both have their good and bad points, just like anything else in life I suppose.

In this blog post, I will talk briefly about Freelancer and how to use their services to weed out the bad apples; that will surely be bidding on your projects, in order to pick the right subcontractor for your job.

When you're ready to outsource, you will first have to create a project description. You can either freeball this task, or you can go to and browse through the various project categories, then start reading the project descriptions that others have posted who have a similar need.

I generally read a few project posts similar to mine, before I post my project with my specific terms. I highly suggest that you do the same, because you might come across some terms that you would love to have in your project description, but you necessarily wouldn't have thought of yourself. (I'm not being mean, just realistic.)

So you create the project description, pick your budget, then launch the bidding process. What's next?

Well within a few days, you will generally receive dozens of responses from subcontractors in various countries and with various levels of skill. I highly suggest that you read each proposal, private messages along with their attachments carefully. Then I highly recommend that you make a note by clicking "Add Note" for each subcontractor that you are really considering for your job. When you click Add Note, you will have the option to rate the proposal, which I also highly suggest that you do.

Some of the bidders that will try to get your outsourced business will have no idea how to meet your goals. For example, let's say that you need high quality content and in your project description you specify that you only want someone with good American English writing skills to bid on your project. I can guarantee that you will receive proposals from many subcontractors that will guarantee that they could meet your demands, yet their bid message, private message, and attachments will be filled with bad grammar, incorrect use of words, and just plain annoying to read. It's true that in many cases these low quality content writers will also have lower bids than your higher quality bidders, but this is not always the case. Make sure you use the ADD Note feature on to rate each subcontractor in real-time.Don't fool yourself in thinking that you will memorize the capability of all 40 bidders in your head. I used to do it, and I can honestly say that it's a mistake to practice that type of thinking! Use the rating system, ask questions through private messaging and make sure that you ask for writing samples if what your looking for is a content writer.Get as much proof as possible of the subcontractors capability in finishing your project correctly, prior to awarding your project to them! "Once you Hire, Their Promises Can Expire".

In the past I have purchased extremely low quality content that I couldn't even publish on my websites, because I was afraid of losing the attention of my website visitors and hurting my search engine rankings. I literally had to suck up my losses for failing to pick the right subcontractor and either re-write their atrocities or trash them completely. I'm sure in your days of a websurfer, you came a across a few websites that were written so poorly, you couldn't even understand why someone would have published it; that's the kind of content I once purchased!. You see, outsourcing can be a mixed bag of results.But like anything else, with the right amount of preparation and knowledge, you can expect a higher success rate than someone who doesn't do this research before hand.

I may not be the best writer in the world, but I do try my hardest to provide instructions that are usable  so my readers can benefit immediately from my content. (Share this blog post with your friends and colleague; the social sharing buttons can be found below this post.)

Through my experiences with outsourcing, I have learned a few important lessons. One of those lessons is that sometimes good old Americans are the only ones capable of producing the results you're after, this is especially true with content creation.

Another lesson is that you should write as many contract terms as possible in your project description,so at the very least, you will weed out the bidders who will be afraid for moral reasons to bid on a project that they know is beyond their capabilities.

Lastly, setup your payment schedules in a manner that will protect you from subcontractors who will provide you with shoddy work and never answer your emails then after. Never give someone full payment prior to receiving exactly what you paid for. By reading the project scopes of other people, you will quickly learn what terms to put into your project description. You will also learn of what other people are afraid of getting from low quality subcontractors with their outsourcing projects.

Watch my video below for Tips on How to Hire the Right Subcontractor on Also if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment below or on my Youtube video. Thanks for reading and take care.



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