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I finally decided to share my Personal SEO Optimization Secrets with the world through this Blog and YouTube! 

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Voitek Lex Klimczyk Google Adsense Optimization Videos
Are you interested in finding out why the Official Google Adsense Blog and the Official Google Adsense Optimization Videos feature yours truly?

The short answer is that I have been working on mastering SEO since 2004. I came along way since then, and now I work from home on several websites, this blog, and my YouTube Channel. Since I've had considerable success with Google, they contacted me to be in their Adsense Success Stories.

Now I decided to dedicate a whole series to Search Engine Optimization, on which I will explain all of my tactics and procedures in simple to understand video and written tutorials.

This blog and my YouTube Channel HomeAddition go hand in hand. On YouTube I post my How-to Guides and in this blog I post detailed instructions that go along with each video tutorial.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is big business nowadays. And like anything else in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. In my upcoming series, I will go over the SEO secrets that I have been using since 2004, and bring you up to speed.

These hidden secrets of mine, that I've been using for years, have allowed me to earn more business, beat my competitors in organic search rankings, and eventually allowed me to work from home doing what I love the most; working with computers and using them to earn a living while helping people on a massive scale.

My SEO knowledge has also landed me a spot in Google's Adsense Optimization Series blog postings and videos. Just do a search for "Voitek and Adsense", and you will see my Google Adsense Optimization tips. Hey, the only reason I mentioned that other than poking my ego out, is that I want you to know that these tips that I will be providing to you, actually do work because even the all mighty Google noticed!

Anyways, let's get to my first SEO Optimization Tip

In my first SEO Optimization Video which is posted below, I show you how I analyze the text on the homepage of Simply Additions and use free tools like the Meta Tag Analyzer and the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to analyze the keyword density of my homepage.

SEO Meta Tag Analyzer
Meta Tag Analyzer
The Meta Tag Anaylzer scans any URL that you provide, using something similar to a search engine spider. The tool itself provides you with what the search engine spiders sees, that being text and meta tags such as the Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and so on.

What You Should Do After You Read This Guide & See My Video Tutorial?

Once you are done reading this SEO guide and wathcing my video below, fire up the Meta Tag Analyzer and input your homepage or some other URL that you want to analyze.

The Meta Tag Analyzer will count every word and phrase that is mentioned on the URL you provide, and then it will output a summary.

For example on the Simply Additions homepage it counted the word "addition" (keyword for that webpage) 29 times. Based on the body text of that webpage (URL), it gave me a 1.13% Total Keyword Density for the word "addition". That simply means that 1.13 percent of my homepage contains the word "addition".

To obtain a higher keyword density you simply repeat the desired word (keyword) or better yet Keyword Phrase, more times than you currently do.

In the past people cheated Google Search by spamming certain keyword phrases an excessive amount of times within their body text to manipulate search engine results. That Black Hat SEO Technique used to work and many low quality sites would cheat the system to appear in the top search results for whatever keywords they wanted.

Today improving your keyword density still matters, but rest assured that Google Search and other search engines such as Bing, and Yahoo use many other factors to determine which websites should be listed first for a particular set of keywords.

The Main Purpose of Analyzing Your Content

In the video I show you how I sorted through the three columns of the most popular keywords and keyword phrases compiled by Meta Tag Analyzer. I did this so that I can use Google's Keyword Tool to figure out the competition and search popularity of each keyword. Doing this research you will quickly figure out if the existing keywords you have in your article are good or not good enough based on search volume.

The key is to include keywords that have a high search volume and low competition. Technically if you write about a topic that includes keyword phrases that are searched for but not really written about, you will have a great chance of being on the first page of Google's Organic Search Results.

Choosing a Keyword Phrase Not Just A Keyword

I mention quickly in the video that optimizing for a single world keyword is not a wise thing to do. The reason behind that is because the internet is huge and chances are that unless you are using a highly unique single keyword, it will be very hard to obtain good keyword rankings for a single word. Just think if you were optimizing for the word "home". Can you imagine how many webpages in the world contain the word home? I just did a search for the word "home" and Google found 25,270,000,000 webpages competing for that word. That's 25 billion webpages! 
google search results 1st page

Most people optimize for 2, 3, 4 and more words within a keyword phrase. It is much easier to optimize your webpages and gain popularity for keyword phrases and not a single word.

So What's The Bottom Line, What Should Your Keyword Density Be In a Post Google Panda - Penguin World? This is the question you're probably asking yourself right now.

I would suggest that you repeat your keyword phrase often, but be sure not to cross the line. Crossing the line in my book means that when a human reads your webpage the page itself reads like SPAM; meaning that you have been keyword stuffing instead of attempting to write great quality content like the Google Webmaster Guidelines suggest.

No one wants to read a webpage that was purposely written for a search engine spider, so if that's the technique that worked in the past for you, think of this blog posting as your wake up call.

Today if you write webpages using outdated SEO techniques, it is likely that Google and other search engines will penalize your site and drop your rankings. In the post Google Panda and Penguin world, website publishers have to write content that's worthy enough to be shared, because keyword density does not play the role it once used to, even though it still plays a major role nevertheless.

Need Clarification, Think CNN Worthy

Still confused? The bottom line is that you can repeat your keyword phrases multiple times, as long as the page itself is well written and worthy of being published by a publisher like CNN. If you have an inkling that you are crossing the line with your keyword repetition, you should dial it down a few notches to play it on the safe side.

The Quality of Your Content

Many web publishers are tearing their hair out trying to recover from the destruction Google Panda and the Penguin Update caused them.The fact is that Google Search makes hundreds of changes to their search algorithm every year, because they want to deliver the best results whenever you use their search engine. The Panda and Penguin updates were focused on destroying sites who used keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO techniques. Of course there was plenty of collateral damage as well.

I myself didn't get hit by  Penguin but I did suffer from Panda on one of my sites in October of 2011.Just like every other web publisher, I panicked first, then spent countless hours fixing every issue of that site, that I thought might be in violation of the policies stated in the Official Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

I now look at Google Panda as a good thing, because it forced me to make my site a lot better and more professional. The visitors to my site benefit the most from the changes that I implemented.

Last February I was invited to a Google event called Adsense in your City, which took place in Raleigh North Carolina. I spoke to publishers who were making a ton of money from Google Adsense on a monthly basis, until they were hit by Panda and basically left with scraps. My revenue was also adversely affected for two and a half months before recovery began. I basically poured through the documentation and the Google Webmaster forums to bring my site back up to speed. Luckily for you, all the priceless information that I learned, I will be sharing in entirety in my SEO Series videos and blog postings! So subscribe today, don't forget.

Social Inter-Connections Now A Must

If you don't know it by now, let me tell you something. Social networking, Google Plus and Facebook liking, sharing, and posting statuses, etc. is becoming an important factor in the algorithm that search engines now use to determine who shows up first in the organic search results.This is yet another very important reason why you have to focus on creating socially likable and share-worthy content.

Is the current article you are working on worth sharing with your friends or the group you are writing for? If it's not, you might as well stop writing it and think of an article that will be!

If you read forums and magazines related to web publishing you know that social links are becoming something that we all have to focus on. Gone are the days where you simply follow a cookie cutter keyword density, meta tag, and page title formula to get you to the first page of organic search results.

It's not the end of the world, but it is the beginning of a world with better content from publishers and better search results from many popular search providers.

Google Search and other major search engines are looking into putting more value on things like the amount of Facebook Likes, Google + Likes, and overall social shares a URL gets. If you think about, only good content will be awarded these trinkets, so we all have to learn how to play by the new rules.

The New SEO World Order

In my opinion here is what the new SEO World Order demands. Web publishers have to focus on providing great quality content that is optimized and well written. Then web publishers have to do whatever they can to get their articles shared socially by as many social sharing networks as possible. This is a new problem that I'm sure many of us are not too excited about, but if you want your website, blog, or YouTube channel to be popular in search engine results or just popular in general, this is what you will have to do.


I really hope that you enjoyed my first SEO article and my video tutorial below. I know that for some of you it must be rough learning that our tried and true tested techniques do not equal as much value as they did in the past. Take it from me, I also kicked and screamed in the beginning, but if you think about it, in the long run these algorithm changes will help web publishers who are committed to providing great content. And Google Search and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo will eliminate the SPAMMERS who use Black Hat SEO to get on top temporarily.

Please send me your questions, comments, tutorial requests in the comment section of this blog or in the comment section of my YouTube videos. I'm committed to going the extra mile for all of my subscribers and readers. Thank you for your time!

Best Wishes
Voitek aka LexV

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