God's Swift Kick - Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again, The Proven Helper Story

From a Badboy to having Bad Toys and Internet Fame

DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is 100% FACT, the information can be verified by me, my family, my friends, and various online searches. 


Before God's Swift Kick to My Butt, My Life Was Ordinary, Well Not Exactly ;)

By ordinary I'm talking about the same sh!T different day type of life; at least that used to be how it felt to me, although you will soon find out that my life was never ordinary at all.


One day when I was 26, God blessed me with a rude awakening that forced me to examine my entire life, and once I was done, I changed just about everything about myself that I didn't like anymore. It was like I became a whole new person overnight, this paradigm shift stunned my friends and family into confusion and shock (*1). I began working on achieving impossible goals, living in the moment, overcoming great obstacles (like crushing my pancreatitis disease), and creating a plan to find my actual soul-mate. 

(*1)I'll explain this in detail someday soon, so follow me online because it only get's more interesting from here on out.


Today I'm married to the girl that I once designed by listing her qualities in a Word document, after reading an inspiring book about achieving goals (*2). Does that sound crazy, far fetched? Well, I still have that document, plus every other document filled with hundreds of goals from the past 11 years. Many of those goals have been reached, some I had to make adjustments to, and some (mostly recent) I'm still working on everyday. By writing this very article, I'm doing it to fulfill more goals :) 

(*2) This footnote is a book reminder. You can find many of the books I read on Facebook, and I plan to write about some of the greatest books I've read and how I used the theories within them to acheive my goals. 


My wife Kawshi is a down to earth Sri Lankan angel who was vacationing with her brother Mario in the states, for her cousins wedding. We met on Match.com (Yup, I'm serious, more on that some other time.) and after several emails, we had our first date; where it all went down. 


The Unforgettable First Date  

I did something on that first date that most people would never dream of doing. I was completely honest with her about myself. You see, I was a bad boy in every sense of the word. But that's also another story for a different day, so keep your eyes on me, because I have dozens of interesting moments I want to share with you.


Anyways, I told her all the bad things I did when I was young, and up for any advernture to come my way. I used to be one of those kids that would get so bored, that it made me feel anxious when I had nothing to do. I also told her the good things I've done, like beating every company in Connecticut for the Better Business Bureau Business Awards. Not bad for a guy who once outran a bunch of cruisers on a Friday night in a 93 Ford Probe GT, right?


Not suprisingly, she was SHOCKED! But I had a powerful tool to win her confidence in me back, and that is my ability to get people to see my point of view before they make a final decision. I wasn't a punk at 31, I was only a bad ass in my teens. Although some bad habbits were hard to break, 



Being a passionate at the art of conversation or writing when it comes to topics I care about,  I convinced her that my bad ass days ended long ago once some of my friends made some very big mistakes. 

Number one: Don't forget that she's from another country, I'm about 1 foot taller than her, and I told her things like I used to get chased by the cops but I never got caught (Unlike the COPS show). 


Kawshi stayed with me because I was 100% honest with her, I didn't have any more time to waste, I told her every bad thing I done in life, and every good thing too. And I did all that on our first date at the resturant that is now our favorite place "Somewhere in Bangkok", in Southington, CT.

Best of all I married her when I was going bankrupt, I just lost my business and my health with it.


I only had about $150 to my name, when we said our "I do's". 




 inding my true Soul-mate (Amazing Sri Lankan Girl that was visiting the United States for her cousins wedding). Today I operate a dream business, where I share everything I learned in life, my previous career, and businesses. Oh yeah, did I mention that I get paid by Google to work at home?


Before you forget, you should Like My Proven HelperFacebook Page & Subscribe to the Proven Helper YouTube Channel because if you want money, fame, or love, you're going to love what I share with you, mostly because I have PROOF.


WAIT! Research me online 1st, because I want you to know that I'm 100% REAL. God woke me up to a whole new reality back in 2004, and since then, I Have Helped Millions of people in one way or another benefit from my life's purpose. Look in the photo for what I typed into Google "Voitek Google". Search for that first.


How great would it be if someone that is real, that you can meet in real life, can share advice with you that can improve your life?


God saved me to help you Proven Helper Voitek Lex KlimczykResearch me to find out how I overcame disease, caused miracles to happen, skipped from high school to college, and started a Successful Internet Business after Going Bankrupt and Almost Dying. My life story is so unusual that I encourage you look me up. You can even find the Google commercial I'm in by searching "Voitek Google". They asked me to be in their commercials... WHY? 
Follow me online to find out that and much more!


I have a life purpose and those who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you are going to gain me as your Secret Mentor from now on. But you have to know that I don't sugar coat things, I don't play by the same rules most people do because I'm different, I live life based on what I learned from my own experiments. I read a ton of books, just like Warren Buffet, Mark Zukerberg, and Tail Lopez like to do. etc.


I created this AD because I want to share my deepest thoughts with people who can understand them. 

I want to finally reach out to people who are like me, maybe above me, maybe below me, but generally think like I do. They think that there's a lot more to life than just working your life away for someone else. People who are tired of the BS, people who want the truth so that they can obtain real results.


Listen I'm not perfect, I am someone who defies logic, someone who manifests his own reality, someone who still has a ton to learn as well. But I need to reach out to people like me already, I'm bored of the people I talk to. I need people who need me! That's why I put this ad out.


I want to share how I almost died a bunch of times, yet I'm still alive!. I crashed a car at 100 MPH and walked away! I have pictures to prove it, I have friends to prove it.


Come with me on this journey, Have Faith, maybe I can help you Achieve Your Dreams! Maybe I can help you Overcome Obstacles, Maybe I can help you Make Sense out of Life. Or maybe we are like minded and we can become great friends. Maybe one day we share our Lamborghini's and Ferrari's with each other. I know my day is one it's way here, is yours? Have you put in the work? Have you created the foundation? I have!


My journey is not over, and I still have a lot to learn, but trust me, I'm probably like no one you ever met. Can you risk not knowing me after today? Can you risk never hearing from me again? I don't have all the answers, but I do know that God wants me to help people financially, intellectually, and spiritually. I created a company called Proven Helper, not to sell products, but to claim the name. My real name is Voitek Lex Klimczyk, that's what you can Google. But don't forget I'm real, I can actually message you online.


Just so you know, I have nothing to sell, I just want to live out my dream on a greater scale, just like you! I'm already successful in helping people, but that's mostly with fixing things and improving their house. Now I want to also share the things that have helped me build a magical life for my wife and myself. 
But I'm not going to sugar coat things, my life has problems, but they are there to teach me. It's things like that, which I want to share with you and tell you why, and help you with your problems.

Don't Let This Moment Pass You By, Click Like on My Proven Helper Facebook Page  & Subscribe to the Proven Helper YouTube Channel and join in on the conversation that will change your life for the better!

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