The Yankee Secret Poster

The Creative Process for The Secret Mastery

I made this poster for anyone who wants to be reminded of the main lessons containted inside the movie or book titled "The Secret".


Here's a quick link for the 1080p HD image that can be used as a wallpaper, or you can print it out as a poster:

1920 x 1080  The Yankee Secret Poster

The Yankee Secret Poster

 Yankee Secret Rev: 1.0 

1. Ask 

And command it into my life. 

Let the universe know what I really want. 

Write it in present tense.  

Write down how I want my life to be in every area. Believe that it's already mine.

I know like I know, like I know that it's on it's way . 


2. Believe. 

Believe in the unseen. 

I don't need to know how, I'll attract the way. 


3. Receive

Feel good and be happy.

Feel the way I will feel when it arrives.

Do whatever it takes to manifest those feelings. 

Feel happy about having it. 

Generate feelings of having it now.


Take Action


Act when the intuitive nudge is present
The universe likes speed
Exercise feeling my manifestations 
This is a feeling universe 
Feel happy while visualizing having it already
I will master applying these 3 steps



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