Did Apple Kill My iPad?

 Did Apple really kill my iPad 2 so I would be forced to upgrade?

So do you think the world's favorite technology brand finally overstepped their boundaries by software engineering in an expiration date into their gadgets? Why would they want to right? Well it could be for the purpose of sustaining their postiion in the market, since their well of innovation has finally began runing dry.


#Apple doesn't care about the consumer anymore, didn't  you get the memo?  

They wrapped it cleverly into their post Steve Jobs iOS updates. Yep, they keep installing Inappropriate Operating Systems (iOS) onto our devices and the consequence is a slow and utterly useless iPad 2. This to me is the equivilant of Microsoft installing an update or service pack onto our ocmputer that made it useless afterwards. You can say a lot of bad things about Microsoft, and their operating systems, but I never remember a Service Pack degrading system performance. Actually I remember the opposite, I remembver Service Packs actually enabling my computers to run better. This move on Apple's part is nothing short of being shady, which is a quality that no one would expect Apple to have. 


It must be all about the bottom line and making the stock holders happy, ay? I was never an Apple fan boy, until my wife bought me an iPad 2 for my birthday. I simply fell in love with the technology, the design, the attention to detail, and most importantly, the Apple.


I've used computers ever since Bill Gates brought DOS into my world

And not many computer innovations impressed me as much as Apple's iPad did, until SSD hard drives became an option. My point is, that computers incrementally moved ahead, leaving the upgrade path luke warm with excitement. It wasn't red hot, like Apple used to be, and there we have it, used to be. Apple used to be great, it used to have a soul, and it used to out predict what the consumer wanted. Now Apple moves ahead based on incremental patent adaptations, just to fill their pockets for as long as consumers still decide they are still worth it. Sure it won't belong before the next Apple emerges on the same scene and out Apple's Apple. Samsung is surely trying to do it, and maybe they'll succeed at it too. One things for sure, cheesy features are about as useful as an 11th toe, but innovation needs to rain supreme with the same furor it has on day one, or else it was never innovation, just a temporarily moment of clarirty fleeting from the corporate mind of capitalist maniac. Don't get me wrong, being a capitalist can be great, but it's even greater when you're not screwing over the people who fed you. You are like a spoiled kid with a trust fund, you have no soul, you just have the need to feed the machine, while hoping no one will notice you just don't give a crap anymore.


As soon as iOS 8 came out, I feel like my iPad 2 died!

At first I thought this is Apple, they care about the consumer, they will remove excessive iOS features from being executed on older devices, they will give back my iPad to me. Nope, that's not what happened, Apple pretended to work on the problem, while really hoping that we just move on to their new products, so that we can supply them with more money. Hey I guess that Apple devices are no longer special, their consumables, because they seemed to have expired seemingly around the same time Steve did.


You board memebers hated Steve, you hated his spontineity, his craziness, his ability to out do you everytime.

Sure he was bat shit crazy at times, but for the consumer, he was a God to them. You are not even close, this rant has more soul than all of your future. You can't hire soul, it's not your lucky day because you found a HArvarrd Gradm it's not something that you pick from a database, 


Apple how did you forget to be Apple

I wonder if you even remember what that means. As I said before, I was never an Apple fan boy, but I bought your devices, and one by one, they had me hooked. It wasn't until you rendedered my favorite Apple device (iPad 2) useless, that I dropped all hope in you. If you ever find my rant, I hope you listen and do something drastic, because your greed outweighs your limitted innovations, your patents will lose their creativity, and soon your left to wither like an Apple in the wind without a core. Ironically, without a core, is like what every iPad 2 feels like, since the operatiing system overwhelms the core to a lifeless pulse of it's vitality. 


It's funny, I know people so devoted to Apple that have already shocked me by stating their mutiny to brands you have already begun to copy out of fear your souless decisions have already washed you up on shore. I believe I can do a better job than you, because although I was never an Apple freak, I certainly understand the soul of Apple better than anyone making final decisions at your board meetings. Wake up and smell the irony, you thought you lost your soul and you did, and it will take a great soul to re-Apple Apple, and without it, you're going to repeat history, even if you can delay it for a few more years, until people are sickened by your greed and by taking the Apple out of our devices. Maybe Steve was Apple, and wihtout him, you're nothing more than any other brand now, cna't wait for ytour lackluster upgrade to underwhelm me into not caring. 


Dam it, I guess somehow, I freakin fell in love with Apple, but you did your best at killing that love, the second you forgot to do it all as if you know what you're doing. For crying at loud, you copied Samsung... that's not invovation, that's history repeating an imploision. 


Thanks for runing one of my favorite presents ever, by intentionally overwhelming it with code it could never run... Did you forget who made you big and why? Yeah, you obviously did. 


Apple Is Running A Muck Online, Check These Out:

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Kind of makes it seem like they really don't give a crap about our older devices, that used to be perfect before they software engineered problems. At best, Apple Inc. is too cheap to allocate resouces so that staff can workout the unrespnosiveness, wi-fi problems, and the calendar problems.

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