Professionally Steam Clean Jewelry At Home

Anyone can professionally steam clean their jewelry at home. Here's what you do

how-to steam clean jewlery home 

1. Pour 1 cup of water into your tea kettle and bring it to a boil with your oven's burner set to the highest setting.

2. Grab your ring, earring, bracelet, or chain with your needle nose pliers or tweezer and hold it over the steam jetting out of the tea kettle. 

3. Hold the jewelry in the rushing steam for 1 minute or more, while twisting it around to angle the jet of steam at every nook and cranny of the object. The length of time you will need to hold the jewelry in the steam will depend on how dirty it is. Good results are typical achieved in 1 minute. 

4. To wrap up the cleaning, hold your freshly steamed jewelry using your tweezers or pliers over the sink, while you pour the remaining boiling water over the object to wash off excess debris.


Here's the How to Video:

Professionally Steam Clean Jewelry At Home



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