How to Convert Comma Separated Text Into Rows with Excel

The other day I had to convert 138 what I call Power Words which were separated by commas into rows. Seems simple enough but if you do a search on Google for that process you may come up with some quirky answers that may confuse you more than help you.

What I came up with is a very simple method of Converting Comma Separated Text Into Rows using Microsoft Excel. I even made another How-to Video Tutorial showing you each and every step found below. As always send me your questions and requests through he commenting section on my blog or YouTube videos.

And now on to the How-to Solve This Problem with Microsoft Excel

Step 1. Copy the comma delimited text into your clipboard from your text editor or Microsoft Word.

Step 2. Fire up MS Excel and paste the comma separated text into a cell.

Step 3. Click on the Data Tab and then select Text to Columns.

Step 4. Now select Delimited as that is the type of Data we are working with.

Step 5. My data is separated by comma's so I unselected the TAB delimiter and selected the Comma delimiter and clicked NEXT.

Step 6. Select your Data Type, mine is text so I left the default option of General selected and clicked Finish.

Step 7. All the words have now been separated into Columns. Now highlight the entire row by clicking on the number.

Step 8. Right click the selection and choose Paste Special.

Step 9. Select Transpose and you are DONE!

Step 10. Celebrate, you're one step closer to finishing whatever you are working on!

Here's the Video Instructions which I taped in 1080p high definition.

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