How to Install a Spell Checker for Internet Explorer

Are you tired of misspelling your status updates on Facebook, your Tweets on Twitter, or how about your blog postings?

Spell Checker for Internet Explorer
On the fly Spell Checker for Internet Explorer
Let me solve your problem with my How-to Guide for Installing a Spell Checker on Internet Explorer!

I don't know about you but I love it when I have instant-on or what I call "on the fly" spell checking in whatever software that I'm using. My favorite spell checking technology underlines the misspelled word with a squiggly red line.

I've tried a spell checker called IeSpell for Internet Explorer but I didn't like that you had to manually start the spell checker because it slowed me down when I was writing web content. It's also annoying to use a spell checker like that when you are posting a status update to Facebook or Tweeting your messages on Twitter. As seen in the video I get rid of IeSpell in favor of a much better free piece of software that you can download directly from CNET.

What's this mystery software called? 

The free spell checking software is called Speckie.

Download it here
Installation Instructions:

Once you download Speckie, simply click run and follow the instructions.

You will have to close your Internet Explorer Browser windows if their open prior to installation.

Once the installation completes, fire up IE (Internet Explorer) and you will notice a pop-up message like this one:
Speckie Spell Checker Internet Explorer
Click Enable then close your Internet Explorer browser windows again.

That's it, the next time you fire up Internet Explorer Speckie will be checking your spelling on the fly, and you never have to worry again about posting a not so perfect status update on Facebook, or a missspelled Tweet again.

Here are the Video Instructions that also show you the other IE spell checker called IeSpell. I don't recommend that one at all, simply because it doesn't do instant spell checks. 

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