Use Simple Hack to Free Up Major Hard Drive Space (Symbolic Links)

Free Up Major Hard Drive Space with Symbolic Links for Windows

symbolic link for low disk space problems

Recently my SSD hard drive (Drive C:\) was running  very low on space, and I didn't feel like going through the long freakin process of reinstalling the operating system from scratch, then reinstalling the APPS and games again.

I have a custom GTAIV installation where I customized the world, installed custom guns, cars, sounds, you name it. All these GTA mods took awhile to complete, and if I have to rebuild my Windows installation, I would have to go through the horror of re-doing my GTA install.


Luckily, I once again found an ingenious solution to my problems. This time around the solution is called Symbolic Links!

Symbolic links are basically glorified shortcuts. They allow you to move a folder to another location, even if it's on another hard drive and the best part is that you don't have to reinstall anything.

By using a symbolic link I was able to move my entire 16GB GTAIV installation folder from my C Drive to my M Drive.


The command is "mklink" , and you should open up a command prompt window with administrator privileges to use it. I always type the command name then a question mark to get the usage details directly from Windows.

 Here's a great video tutorial showing you how you can free up space on your hard drive using a symbolic link. By the way, there's more detailed information on the YouTube video in the description if you're interested. This works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and I think Windows XP if you're still using it. 


VIDEO: Symbolic Links


Why Should You Create Symbolic Links?

• Move large files or folders to another drive without going through the dreaded uninstall and reinstall process.

• It's a very fast way to free up space!

• Free up space on any Hard drive with low space. It's especially useful if you are running a solid state hard drive { SSD} as your drive C:\. 

• Sync Folders with multiple computers such as media folders, photos, movies, Dropbox, etc.



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