How to Stop Laptops from Overheating

how to stop laptops from overheatingDoes your laptop ever burn your knees, simply because it's getting too hot? 


Have you already tried fixing the overheating issue on your laptop, but the problem didn't really go away?


If this sounds like you, don't worry! Many laptops from every name brand overheat and it's because the CPU fan sucks in dust bunnies into the laptop itself, which prevents proper cooling. The only true way to repair overheating laptops is to remove the quick release panel, which exposes your graphics card, memory (RAM), and hard drives, because this panel will also expose you to all the dust bunnies your lovely laptop sucked inside.


In this how-to video below, I show you just how simple it can be to repair your overheating laptop in less than 10 mniutes. Just be sure to take your time and always use common sense to ensure that you don't hurt yourself, or the laptop.


Comment below with your experiences!

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