How to Repair Laptop DC Power Jacks (Common Problem)

It seems that everyone that I know who has a laptop has dealt with either laptop power jack problems or laptop overheating problems.

The good news is that in the video below, I will show you how you can repair both of these problems in 30 minutes to an hour depending on your level of comfort in taking apart the 100 million screws holding your laptop cover together.


How to Fix The Laptop DC Power Connector


Most laptops except for the new Apple Macbooks shared a common problem with faulty or broken power connectors. I personally broke my wife’s power connector on her ACER 8930g Laptop when I lifted the laptop up and the power cord yanked the laptop while I was raising it in the air. Just that simple action was enough to cause the ground wire on the laptop to become unattached from its soldering joint which made the laptop power connector very fidgety.


I took the laptop apart and armed myself with my trustee Canon Rebel T3i to capture footage of the entire repair process. The hardest part of the process or more accurately the most annoying thing about repairing the DC power jack connector was unscrewing over 20 little tiny black screws that keep both halves of the laptop together. After that I kept disassembling the laptop as shown in the How-to video below until I could stare at the problem with my own eyes.


Luckily for me and most likely you, I noticed that one of the wires connected to the laptop DC power jack was completely disconnected from its soldering joint. I had my wife hold the wire in place while I soldered it back onto the power jack and tested the connection. The blue light that illuminates when you connect the power cable lit up and I knew that I solved the problem and now it’s your turn.


BONUS TIP: Fixing Laptop Overheating Issues


Does your laptop overheat when you play games, watch Bluray movies, watch high definition content or when you do something simple like browse the internet?


If it does, then you’ll be happy to know that the same video that teaches you how to fix the faulty power connector also teaches you how to remove all the debris your laptop sucked in through its vents.


To fix your laptop overheating issue, simply remove the quick release panel like I have on my Acer in the video ,or you might have to remove the entire back cover (watch the video to understand this point better.) What you want to do is unscrew any panel that is blocking access to the CPU fan on your laptop. Most laptops have some type of quick release panel that is secured with just a few screws and removing it usually exposes the RAM, Hard Drives, Video Card, Wifi Network Card, and the CPU Fan.


Once you expose the CPU fan you will probably notice a huge collection of dust and hair. I simply grabbed the hose adapter from my Dyson and sucked out all the dust particles while I was holding the fan blades in place so it doesn’t spin. You can take it a step further and remove the laptop fan by unscrewing it and then you can perform whatever level of Monica Geller cleaning regimen that you desire. Go ahead and  get into your OCD cleaning mode to restore the cooling power of your laptop and prevent it from overheating, shutting down, or getting the infamous BSOD = Blue Screen of Death on you from a heat related issue.


Thanks for reading, thanks for watching and be sure to become a subscriber of my YouTube Channel HomeAddition. I’m just getting better and better and you might have also noticed that I do video requests. Enjoy!



DISCLAIMER: As always with all of mine or anyone else’s Youtube videos or instructions, please do this only if you accept all risk of the activity. I felt comfortable taking apart my laptop because I’ve been taking apart electronics and computers since I was born, but I’m not you. If you’re worried about the power, then make sure you disconnect the power before you begin, practice common sense when you do repairs like this and always be safe.


+1 #2 Voitek Klimczyk 2014-05-10 15:48
Quoting Ed Clift:
Thanks for your excellent videos.

I have a new DC socket, but before I take this baby apart, I would like your confirmation.

Hi Ed, can you make a YouTube video and show me what's going on? It's hard to say without seeing it myself.

I made a video of a similar situation because that's what happens when the video card gets fried. The laptop lights come on but nothing on the screen. Here's another video of mine for reference only.

Let me know if you post the video.
0 #1 Ed Clift 2014-04-29 13:29
Thanks for your excellent videos.

I have a new DC socket, but before I take this baby apart, I would like your confirmation.

I dropped the laptop. Booted it up and it ran fine (I always keep it plugged in), for about 3 hours, at which point, the battery had been used up. Ordered a new battery and it ran fine until the battery ran down.

Purple light is on, but won't boot even with it is plugged in. This wouldn't be a problem, if I could recharge the battery pack, however, the battery pack will not charge.

Thanks for any assistance/suggestions.



purple light is on when plugged in
battery will not recharge
computer will boot when charged battery is present
computer will not boot when plugged in
checked power supply and get 19.2 V

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