Masters Guide: How to Improve PC Gaming Performance

I published my first YouTube video on How to Use MSCONFIG to Easily Speed Up Windows 7 and Make It Faster in February of 2012. Earlier today I created even a better How-to Video!

Many of my YouTube Fans and Subscribers wanted further help with using MSCONFIG to shutdown processes and services that they don't need for gaming. It took some time, but I finally came up with a list of Windows 7 processes and services that can be safely disabled permanently or temporarily and doing so will boost the gaming performance of your PC!

In this blog posting I will post the names of all the processes and services that you have to disable using MSCONFIG in Windows 7 or even Windows Vista. I suggest that you print this page and also watch my latest How-to video in 1080p on YouTube that I recorded earlier today. You can also watch my previous How-to video to get bonus performance tips!

Here Is A List Of Windows Processes That Can Be Stopped for a Gaming Performance Increase

Acronis True Image Monitor
Apple Push
Catalyst Control Center: Host application
Catalyst Control Center: Monitoring Program
cFosPeed Window
Java (TM) Update Scheduler
Monitor for Acronis True Image Backup Archive Explorer
System settings protector
Xfast USB

Here Is A List Of Windows Services That Can Be Stopped for a Gaming Performance Increase

Application Experience
Application Management
Background Intelligent Transfer Serivice
Certificate Propagation
Computer Browser
Diagnostic Policy Service
Diagnostic Serivce Host
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Encryption File System (EFS)
Funciton Discovery Provider Host
Funciton Discovery ProviderPublsication
IP Helper
Offline Files
Peer Name Resolution Protocol
Peer Networking Grouping
Peer Networking Identity Manager
Print Spooler
Program Compatibility Assistance Serivce
Remote Desktop Configuration
Remote Desktop Services
Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector
SSDP Discovery
Windows Font Cache Service
Windows Image Acquistion (WIA)
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service
Here Is A List Of Non-Windows Services That Can Be Stopped for a Gaming Performance Increase

Acronis Sheduler 2 Service
Acronis Nonstop Backup Serivce
Acronis Sync Agent Service
Adobe Acrobat Update Service
Advanced Web Ranking Scheduler
APC UPS Service
Apple Mobile Device
Bonjour Service
CFospeed System Service
Cyberlink RichVideo64 Service (CRVS)
SBSD Security Center Serivce
Every computer has a different set of programs and games installed on it. Many programs and games isntall additional services and processes that run on startup which can slow down your system and affect its performance. These services and processes are usually not needed to run all the time, that is why you can disable them, reboot, and recover your performance. 
Sometimes you can disable the wrong service or process and your computer can have problems functiing properly or runing applications. It's always a good idea to have a great backup of your PC before you begin any task like this. The processes and services that I identified here in this blog posting and my videos can be safely disabled for the advantage of gaining a performance boost. You can always re-enable these services by using MSCONFIG again and enabling each service you disabled (see list above) and simply rebooting. 
Contact me on here through commenting or on my YouTube Video! 
Enjoy your Windows 7 Free Gaming Performance Boost!

Download the Process & Service List! 
Here's the video tutorial showcasing this method of improving your computer gaming performance.

NEXT:How to Improve Computer Gaming Performance Using Software


 that is the continuation of this article, starting with the IOBIT Game Booster software.



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That's really cool idea. Thank you so much. :lol:
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That's really cool idea. Thank you so much. :lol:
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