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1 Use Simple Hack to Free Up Major Hard Drive Space (Symbolic Links) Written by Voitek Klimczyk 10384
2 How to Stop Windows 7 & 8 Crashes Using Microsoft SECRET Written by Voitek Klimczyk 8220
3 How to Stop Laptops from Overheating Written by Voitek Klimczyk 4316
4 How-to Convert Rows in Excel into Comma Separated Values (CSV) Written by Voitek Klimczyk 7479
5 Tutorial on Changing the Default Paste Action in Microsoft Word Written by Voitek Klimczyk 2244
6 How to Prevent the Color Scheme from Changing to Windows 7 Basic Written by Voitek Klimczyk 12675
7 How to Automatically Filter SPAM Written by Voitek Klimczyk 2474
8 How to Export your Files or Folders from Windows Explorer into a Text File Written by Voitek Klimczyk 2620
9 How to Repair Laptop DC Power Jacks (Common Problem) Written by Voitek Klimczyk 17129
10 Masters Guide: How to Improve PC Gaming Performance Written by Voitek Klimczyk 9468
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Written on 04/24/2015 by Voitek Klimczyk
gods-swift-kick-changed-me DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is 100% FACT, the information can be verified by me, my family, my friends, and various online...
Written on 02/26/2015 by Voitek Klimczyk
 Did Apple really kill my iPad 2 so I would be forced to upgrade? So do you think the world's favorite technology brand finally overstepped their...
Written on 02/23/2015 by Voitek Klimczyk
use-simple-hack-to-free-up-major-hard-drive-space-symbolic-linksFree Up Major Hard Drive Space with Symbolic Links for Windows Recently my SSD hard drive (Drive C:\) was running  very low on space, and I didn't...
Written on 06/27/2014 by Voitek Klimczyk
car-humor-priceless-moments-worth-sharingHey everyone knows that you have to put oil in your car, so what's so bad about this lady doing just that?
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