Car Audio Brands for Amps & Subs That Don't Suck

good car audio brandsMost newbies have no idea what Car Audio Brands to trust and they sure as hell don't want to get burned like I did when I bought some pile of trash from one of those Expo / Colosium Blowout Sales where a bunch of merchants push the biggest piles of garbage on newbie's to Car Audio Systems


What am I talking about? This is how their spiel goes:

Get an MP3 deck for $10 or a 1000 watt amplifier for $25 bucks!!! SALE SALE SALE  

When you hear BS like this on TV or the RADIO, please do yourself a favor and stay home. I learned the hardway that these shows suck big time. I purchased the crappiest subwoofers and amplfiers ever made at these shows and I could have spent the same amount of money online and bought something halfway descent.


These Car Audio Brands All Suck for the most part

American Pro, Audiobank, Blackmore Mobile Electronics, Blitz, DHD, Diesel Audio, Kenford, Kole Audio, Legacy, Majestic, Performance Teknique, Phase Linear, Pyle (a real pile of ????).

Rockford Fosgate is good, so is MTX. In one of my first systems I had one MTX Amp with two MTX 12's and I beat 75% of the people who entered into a system contest, even though I only went there to watch. My friends told me to enter and too my surprise I beat most of the guys there and spent a fraction of what they spent on their systems. Good inexpensive American amps and subwoofers do a good job. try Lanzaar I never used them, but my friend did and they bumped like crazy.


What To Look For in Car Audio Spec's

Look for RMS when it comes to measuring watts. Peak wattage is useless and I would never buy an amp or subwoofer that was ratted only in peak wattage. Usually the cheapo brands use this tactic to confuse newbie car audio crowds to their massive piles of trash. RMS wattage is refferring to the contstant wattage that will be pushed through your amplifier and into your speakers.

For a more deaper understanding of Car Audio I recommend you check out They sell and help you install car stereos, amplifiers, wiring kits, mobile TV's, mobile game systems, and more. Plus they have tons of great articles showing you what's up.


Installing a Car Amplifier and Subwoofer Video How-to Guide

We're having a small technical problem with YouTube at the moment. 

To watch the indept Car Amplifier & Subwoofer Installaiton video go to the Proven Helper YouTube Channel and search for "Car Audio"

We'll get this problem fixed soon and embed the video here.


I made this How-to guide to show anyone who's intersted just how easy it is to install an amplifier and subwoofer into any car. I used a 2006 Lexus GS300 as an example just to show you that even these technology stuffed luxury cars can have their car audio upgraded without having to shell out big bucks for an installer. Hey if you do it, you know exactly how you did it. But if you take it to an installer, you have no idea if they did it right or if they broke something like your door panel clips. Door clips when broken will make your entire door panel rattle when you hit bumps or when your car stereo system procudes some DEEP BASS HITS.


Car Audio Brands for Amps and Subs You Can Trust!

Here are my Favorite Car Audio Brands

  • Cerwin Vega
  • Infinity
  • JBL  
  • JVC 
  • Kenwood
  • Kicker
  • Lanzar
  • MTX (Good Stuff)
  • Phoenix Gold
  • Pioneer
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Sanyo
  • Scosche
  • Sony 
  • SoundStream (Good Stuff; I'm using it right now!)

Download the Car Audio Brands You Can Trust List

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