SOLVED! What's Faster Dodge Charger or Toyota Camry?

What's faster Toyota Camry Dodge ChargerThere's no question that the hottest debates on the ProvenHelper YouTube Channel come from Car Performance Videos.

Today I decided to put one of these heated debates to the test by running two highly popular cars in a head to head challenge against each other to see what happens.

Racing the 2011 Toyota Camry XLE v6 vs a 2011 Dodge Charger SE v6


When you compare the car spec's you'll notice that they are pretty close to each other but the head to head race clearly shows some surprising results! If you are the owner of either the Dodge Charger or the Toyota Camry, there's enough proof in this video to give you all the bragging rights you'll need whether your bragging about it at the water cooler or a shop floor.


Let's look at the Vehicle Specifications first 

Specifications 2011 Toyota Camry XLE V6 2011 Dodge Charger SE V6
Exterior length  189.2 " 199.9 "
Exterior body width  71.7 " 75.0 "
Exterior height  57.9 " 58.4 "
Engine  3.5L V-6 3.6L V-6
Horsepower  268 @ 6,200 rpm 292 @ 6,350 rpm
Torque  248 @ 4,700 rpm 260 @ 4,800 rpm
Fuel economy - city  20 mpg 18 mpg
Fuel economy - highway  29 mpg 27 mpg
Curb weight  3,516 lbs. 3,961 lbs.
Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)  4,470 lbs. 5,100 lbs.
Wheelbase  109.3 " 120.2 "
Drag coefficient  0.28 0.30
Front legroom  41.7 " 41.8 "
Rear legroom  38.3 " 40.1 "
Luggage volume (max)  14.5 cu.ft. 16.5 cu.ft.
Passenger volume  101 cu.ft. 105 cu.ft.
Fuel tank 18.5 gal. 19.1 gal.


Comparing both of these cars by specifications I came up with a few conclusions:

1. The Dodge is a slightly larger car with a more powerful engine.

2. If you take the weight and engine power specifications into account, you'll notice that these cars are very well matched for a Head to Head Challenge.

3. If you own one of these cars, you have the right to know, who's faster!



And now, here's the video proof that you've been waiting for


What a shocker, the Dodge Charger is faster off the line and up to 90 mph as seen in the video and performance chart below. But the real surprise is that one of the most popular cars in America is a highway beast! The Camry easily overtakes the Dodge once the speedo hits in excess of 100mph meaning that if you race your friends on a 1/4 mile drag strip, you'll blow his doors off by 1.5 seconds minimum!


Model & Year 2011 Toyota Camry XLE 2011 Dodge Charger SE
engine v6 3.5 v6 3.6
horsepower 268 292
torque 248 260
0-30 mph 3.57 3.22
0-60 mph 6.25 6.20
0-80 mph 9.49 9.28
0-90 mph 11.77 11.28
0-100 mph 14.29 15.14
0-110 mph 17.57 19.03


What do you think?

Do you own one of these cars and have something to say?

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