2013 Lexus ES350 0-60, 0-100 mph Performance Test

2013 Lexus ES350 Performance ReviewThe newly redesigned 2013 Lexus ES350 is a hell of a nice car, you might want to take one on a test drive.


It sports the Toyota built tried and true 3.5 Liter V6 which pulls nice and hard while still getting exceptionally good gas mileage. This large and luxurious sedan averages 24 MPG city and highway combined. That's not bad considering you'll be driving a comfortable and surprisingly fast Lexus Spaceship to work everyday. Sure your work buddies can gloat about their anorexic econoboxes, but who wants to spend their mornings and afternoons mile deep in traffic while sitting in a glorified plastic cup on wheels? I rather sit my derriere in a well engineered Lexus cocoon, where I can flip a switch to cool my behind, in the event that I have to deal with uncomfortable humid weather.


I don't remember the prior Lexus ES having cooled seats as an option before, which may seem like a fad for a feature, but once you experience the luxury of having soft and supple leather air cooling your body, you'll never want to drive from the gym or on a hot summer day without it.


In case you haven't heard, Lexus is always doing something right. Their motto is about the pursuit of perfection and as a nit picking perfectionist, I must admit that they're pretty darn close to achieving it every-time. Lexus manages to build technologically advanced cars that seem to be in a whole new world of reliability, when compared to their European siblings. Sure every car company has it's problems, but just because you make a 100k+ a year, it doesn't mean that you want to part with a few k's every time you visit the workshop. Don't get me wrong folks, I am a European car lover, but if you did the research like I have, on uber Luxury car makers such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, you'll quickly learn that owning one of those gorgeous Euro spaceships can cause a recession in your savings account.


I am the proud owner of a 2006 Lexus GS300, and for the past seven years the biggest problems I've faced were with my brake calipers. Sure that problem sounds like a pain in the rear, but it's actually something you can swap out yourself. I published a whole set of Do-it-yourself Lexus Maintenance Videos on YouTube, one of my more popular videos for that car is the ">Lexus GS300 Complete Brake Job Video. In fact that's another quick point before we move on, you can service your Lexus at home if you're a car guy like me. You won't need any fancy tools other than a socket set for most jobs and you can tackle things like an oil change. With that being said, you are driving a Lexus and some parts are ridiculously pricey, but my point is that Lexus is still a Toyota and you can work on a Toyota if you really wanted to. 


For those who follow me on YouTube, you already know that I completed an ">in depth review of the 2013 Lexus ES350 on my YouTube channel in March. The video below concentrates strictly on performance numbers, so if you're interested in seeing me demonstrate all the bells and whistles, click the link above. 


Now it's time for what you've tuned in for, the performance specs. I'll simply show you how this 3600 lbs of smooth engineering uses the more than adequate 268 horsepower (metal ponies) and 248 lb-ft or torque, to achieve some very impressive 0-60 MPH figures and even an impressive quarter mile time.


I'll also post the figures Car and Driver Magazine achieved with this car for your comparison. Just remember that atmospheric conditions can greatly affect the performance of any car, so there's always fluctuations in performance numbers. 


Quick Specifications on the 2013 Lexus ES350

  • V6 3.5 Liters
  • 268 hp @ 6,200 248 lb-ft @ 4,700
  • EPA Fuel Economy Ratings 
  • 21 city/31 highway/24 combined 
  • Six-speed sequential-shift automatic  
  • Top Speed 130 mph (electronicaly limited)
  • Curb weight 3600 lbs



My Performance Numbers were derived by analyzing the video below. Car and Driver probably had a more sophisticated approach. I just started testing various cars as a hobby and realized how much I liked it, so be on the look out for more articles and car videos. Recently I went to California for a shin dig that Google was having and I rented the Ford Focus; that was a fun ride! In my upcoming car videos I'll be using the recently purchased Dynolicious App on my iPhone, it measures performance figure and many swear by it. So far I've already tested my 2006 Lexus GS300 and my 1999 Ford Mustang GT Convertible that's been massaged by yours truly with a laundry list of performance parts. Anyways folks, let's get to the meat of the article and the most fun part, the video!


Performance Stats

0-20mph  1;27 sec

0-40mph  3;27 sec

0-60mph  6;00 sec  Car and Driver's Zero to 60 MPH was 5.9 a hundredth of a second off my time.

0-80mph  9;09 sec

0-100mph 13;09 sec

0-110mph 16;07 sec

0-120mph 19;18 sec

0-125mph 23;00 sec


Car and Driver's Standing 1/4 mile was 14.4 seconds but with no trap speed reported, judging by my own numbers I estimate the trap speed to be around 105 mph. I personally didn't have any fancy gadgets during this acceleration test, but you have all the figures above and you can see the Lexus speedometer whip around in my video below. Also don't forget about my ">complete review of the Lexus ES which you can see on my YouTube Channel.




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