SOLVED: How to Fix Youtube on a Mac (videos won't play)

fix broken youtubeLearn How to fix your MAC or Apple Computer when you get the dreaded "The Adobe Flash Player is Required for Video Playback, so get the latest flash player." error message on YouTube or another flash based website.


Luckily for you, here are the instructions in-case you could not watch the video on your PC, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Blackberry, or any other type of internet enabled device. 



 Alternate Solution 1 Opting Out of HTML5 Trial   (SOLVED)

1. Use this website link to see if you are currently Opted into HTML5 Trial using Safari. Many people were able to Opt out of HTML5 and Youtube began working again on Safari. Go here to check your statusOpt Out of HTML5 from Youtube

This was confirmed by galya on  2013-12-09 02:57

 UPDATE: 11/11/13 

Hey folks, I read your comments below,l  so I wanted to reach out with some new things to try if the 12 Step Instructions Below Doesn't Work. Please let me know if this works for you, by commenting below. Thanks!

 Alternate Solution 2: Reseting Safari and Repairing Disk Permissions

1. Reset Safari

2. Go to Disk Utilities and Repair Disk Permissions

(Because there's a problem that Apple has not fixed, this Bandaid Solution has to be re-applied monthly from what I researched. 

 The Original  Apple 12 Step Program to YouTube Video Recovery

Don't suffer from this painful afflication of not being able to play YouTube Videos or Flash Content on websites anymore. This twelve step program will help you get through this tough time in your life and the life of your Mac. 


  1. Click on the link "Get the latest flash player" below


  3. Download the Adobe Flash Player for Mac OSX

  4. Click on Install_Flash_Player_osx. dmg

  5. Click on Icon Install Adobe Flash Player

  6. Click on Open for the "An Application Downloaded From The Internet" warning message.

  7. Select the checkbox for " I have read and agree to the terms of the Flash Player License Agreement."

  8. Then click on Install.

  9. Input your MAC Name and Password.

  10. You will have to close all Safari windows prior to proceeding with the installation.

  11. Select the notify me of future updates checkbox and Click on Done.

  12. Now test your Flash Player by going to YouTube and playing a Video.


-2 #15 jody 2014-07-19 15:50
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Now I can watch the happy little penquin and be just as happy!! Thanks a bunch and glad to see you don't allow jerky messages! If I could put a message under your YouTube video that I got this web address from, I would comment there, too. YouTube has changed and I can't access my comments or 'favorites, etc. " anymore without starting a network, using my full name, etc. and I don't want to get into all that. At any rate, I really appreciate your help!
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+8 #14 Judi 2014-07-11 02:06
:sad: I am not having any luck in figuring out what is causing youtube not to play. It is not flash. It says I have the latest update.
Im using mac bookpro OS X version 10.9.4 The videos just started today giving me the an error occurred. Safari & Firefox will give this error message.
If you could help, that would be great.
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-1 #13 Dev.D 2014-07-06 11:54
Plz plz plz reply...i have iPad 2 and after updated it to iOS 7, youtube video was not playing. Then I used your fix "alternate solution 1"
1. Use this website link to see if you are currently Opted into HTML5 Trial using Safari. Many people were able to Opt out of HTML5 and Youtube began working again on Safari. Go here to check your status: Opt Out of HTML5 from Youtube

When I clicked the I am getting the error message playback error. Try again.
And worst thing happen with me that I just clicked above URL from my samsung note2, and now the same message getting on note 2. Plz help...
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-18 #12 Required 2014-06-13 21:46
Macintosh is abbreviated 'Mac' not 'MAC'.

MAC = Media Access Control
Mac = Mac(intosh) computer
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+1 #11 vince 2014-05-12 06:39
I get a "blocked plug-in". how do i unblock so i can install the flash player.
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0 #10 Vince 2014-05-09 14:57
I will try the fixes; will let you know.
Thanks for the Help.
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0 #9 Duane 2014-04-13 20:22

I've tried all of the above... to the best of my ability, that is(!)

I've reinstalled Adobe's Flash Player, I've reset Safari & repaired disk permissions. I'm still a bit foggy on how to opt out of HTML5 trial, and/or I'm not sure I have it...

NOW, SOME of my YouTubes work, and some DON'T. It's quite puzzling. It would seem that I need to look at alternative #1, but I'm still not certain on how to check it, etc. It's just not clear.

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0 #8 Duane 2014-04-13 19:18
I seem to have encountered this problem AFTER installing the new Adobe Flash Player. By "this problem", I mean that I go to YouTube, using either Safari OR Firefox, and the screen simply stays blank. And there have been no warning messages.

OH........... and also, though I had 48 symbols left, it indicated that this message is too LONG !?!?!?
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0 #7 Voitek Klimczyk 2013-12-14 22:21
Quoting galya:
'Alternate Solution 1 Opting Out of HTML5 Trial' helped, I can now watch YouTube videos, thanks!!! :-)

Thanks for letting us know Galya :-)

Happy Holidays Everybody 8)
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0 #6 galya 2013-12-09 02:57
'Alternate Solution 1 Opting Out of HTML5 Trial' helped, I can now watch YouTube videos, thanks!!! :-)
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