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This New Year I’m COMING CLEAN!  A few years ago I had to close down my business and try something new. Those who know me also know that I’m pretty skilled with computers. So when I had no choice but to close down a company I poured my heart, soul, and good health into, I decided to do 2 things.

#1. Start dating and find someone that could handle the good and bad about me; my ideal partner. I did, we met on and she’s Sri Lankan for those who were wondering about her nationality. 

#2, I decided to pursue working from home on my computer as a new business because that was my dream since I was a kid. 

Well I accomplished both of these goals. My health recovered 100% and today I get to use all the knowledge I acquired from being a bit of a computer geek, working in IT for over a decade, to modifying cars, and everything I learned from running a construction business into YouTube videos and a bunch of websites.


Why am I telling you this? 

1. Well it’s because I wanted to let you know that YOU KNOW someone who makes money from Youtube, yep I’m one of those people. 

2. I’m more than willing to help any of you by answering your home improvement questions, computer questions, and even car questions. 

3. Because I started posting articles, videos, and how-to guides on Facebook, to get the word out, but a lot of you probably have no idea why and what I'm doing and MOST IMPORTANTLY how it can HELP YOU!  That last line is the most important one :) because the truth is that if I wasn't actually doing something impressive for other people, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing!  


Hey, if you could benefit from a computer geek that knows how to buy regular inexpensive computer parts and build something so fast that you couldn’t find it at any store on earth… well I’m your guy.

And if you just bought a car, but want a little extra horsepower, or learn how to install an iPhone or Andriod integration kit or add a Subwoofer and AMP… well, I’m your guy too!

And lastly if you happen to be someone who needs some work done to a house, or a contractor gave you a quote and you think they are ripping you off… Just know that I managed dozens of contractors and won practically every award from the Better Business Bureau , the Department of Consumer Protections, plus an award for excellence form the former State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.


My point is… I’m your guy and YOU KNOW ME. I’m not unreachable, but I am busy  :)  I answer questions for people and make how-to videos for them all the time; that’s what I do. And I probably already have at least 10 videos or 10 articles or 10 guides already that can either SAVE you COLD HARD CASH, give you trade secrets you would never know, or simply make your life a bit sweeter by showing you how to improve the internet speed on your iPhone, Xbox, Android or Computer for starters …  


ALL FOR FREE, and you don't have to worry about paying me a dime; Google does that!  Just subscribe, like, or follow me and I guarantee I'll do something that makes your life better or your money back; small joke :)


Just think of me the next time you see me post something about anything on here… And when you run into a problem that you think I can fix or at least help you with… Just say something!!!  


I call myself ProvenHelper on every major social media channel including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc…  

Thanks for reading this and getting to know me better. Check out my Youtube channel if you get a chance and don’t be so 

quick to think that I’m making some crappie content out there. Do you really think that Google would ask some crappie punk to be in their Commercial(s)?   I didn’t think so…  


TAKE CARE and I hope to hear from you soon!


Answering your how-to questions with proven advice that just works. Best of all, we'll make you a Youtube Video Tutorial and dedicate it to you!

We will help you figure out how to protect your computer from hackers one day, and help you change the brake calipers on your car the next. The coolest part of ProvenHelper is that we take article and video requests from people who visit this site or our YouTube ProvenHelper Channel



Our motto is "Upgrade Your Life, 1 Video At a Time"

Why is this our Motto?

Well, it's pretty simple actually. We are creating a community centered around helping people. Our goal is to help people in their everyday tasks all the way down to helping people land a dream job. Life can be challening and we could all use a little short-cut to help us achieve our goals quicker or just take care of those pesky errands that we have been putting off. 


Let's take cars for an example. One of our How to Videos is about resetting the Maintennce Required Oil Light on a Lexus. This light is supposed to be reset by the service tech's but sometimes they forget. Our quick how-to guide will help you reset that warning message and save you from going back to the dealer or service center. In that scenerio we just saved you time, gas, and money! 


Let's look at another example. If you have ever acquired a computer virus you already know how annyoing and scary it can be. Our How to Computer Secuirty Guide shows you how to close the most common access points to your computer so that those annyoing viruses, spyware, and rootkits don't ruin your day or week. A bad computer virus infection can cause you to loose data, improtant documents, priceless photos, and lots of time while you or someone else troubleshoots the problem. The GOOD NEWS is that our How To Tutorial will help you lock down that computer, so you won't have to worry about it anymore. Just imagine how much of a relief it will be once you learn how easy it can be to lock down your computer and protect them from hackers!


Well that's the gist of, you could say that we are in the business of saving you Time & Money. But we like to think of ourselves as people who are paying it forward by helping other people for free through the power of the internet.


If you have any suggestions or requests, go ahead and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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